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About the Library

Libraries are established for the systematic collection, organization, preservation and dissemination of knowledge and information. It is very important for man to preserve and maintain the valuable knowledge and information contained in the books and documents because we want to preserve our knowledge and wisdom for the coming generations. By preserving the documents in a library this knowledge can be made available to others so that they can benefit from it.

Libraries play a vital role in the development of any society by enhancing the cause of education and academic research. They cater to the information needs of thousands of peoples.

Librarian Message

Dr. H N Thammanna

Chief Librarian

Information is one of the most important ingredients of our academic activities. Information leads to the generation of knowledge. An academic institution always takes necessary steps to gather or procure relevant bits of knowledge from various sources. Needless to say it is the Library and Information Centre of the institution that is entrusted with the task of procuring, organizing and displaying the various sources of knowledge in different media and also disseminating them to the users. Without a good library, no education system is complete and perfect. I invite you to visit the library in order to enjoy the wealth of information resources available in the library in various forms.


To build the library and information centre as a center for excellence in accessing the right information at a right time to the right user.


To embrace the principle of excellence in advancing the teaching, learning, research and service mission of the institute through the acquisition, organization and management of collections to full fill the needs of library and information centre users.


  • To provide right information to the right user at the right time.
  • To motivate readers to improve their reading habits.
  • Provide easy access to learning resources.
  • To provide updated information to the library users.
  • To achieve minimum 90% user satisfaction.

Working Hours

GeneralMonday to Saturday9 AM – 5 PM
CirculationMonday to Saturday9:15 AM – 4:40 PM
During the Exam & TestMonday to Saturday9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Generally the library will remain open all institutional working days of the year, except 3 days every year for stock verification.
  • Library uses Libsoft 9.5.0 library Automation Software, which supports in-house operations of library such as acquisition, cataloguing and circulation. Database is updated daily.
  • Smart circulation system is used successfully via Bar-code technology for all the resources and barrower cards.

Issue of Books

Each user will be provided with a bar-coded library card, presently books are being issued against library card. The issue statistics is as follows:

Professors12 books
Associate Professors08 books
Assistant Professors05 books
Staff (Non-teaching) Technical & Ministerial03 books
Under-graduate Students03 books
Post-graduate Students04 books
Book-Bank Students04 books

Students are permitted to keep books for a fortnight and only two renewals for the same book are permissible.

Circulation Counter

Book Bank

The Books from the Book Bank are issued for the whole semester and every semester. Apart the General Book Bank, there is a separate SC/ST Book Bank books supplied by the Social Welfare Department. From the Book Bank students can borrow a set of books at a time. Late return of books from Book Bank entitles a fine. Any defaulter in this context will not be issued any books further unless he/she clears the old dues.


Lending books will be issued to the students for defined days. Books so lent shall be returned on due date.


College Library has got the resourceful collection consists of Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks, and Core Engineering subjects through which library servers both Short and Long range Reference Services.

Digital Library

Library provides the internet connected computer systems to access the E-Databases, E- Journals, E-Books, other subscribed e- resources and internet browsing for users.

Institutional Repository

RIT Library established the ‘Institutional Repository’ which has e-books, Question Papers and faculty publications, and Project reports to access remotely.

E-Resource Subscription Access

RIT is member of VTU Consortium, through the consortium library provides the access to subscribed

  • E-Content(e-journals/e-books/Etc.) and
  • Technology Platforms (Plagiarism / Remote Access Tools/Etc.)


CD/DVDs including Project reports and Textbooks and other resourceful service is available for users.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

OPAC (library catalogue) allows the users to search the library books. The library catalogue is searched by author, title, and keyword.

Question Papers

The library facilitates to access the previous year’s exam question paper in electronic format available in our Institutional Repository for reference purpose.

Photocopying Services

Library provides photocopies of Journal Articles and useful information to the Student and Faculty.

E-Journals / E-Books Access

All e-Journals & e-Books are made available throughout the campus via Intranet. Digital library Photo

Referral Service

The needy users requires more specialized information and have been referred to use other reputed libraries like National Digital Library and other open access services.

Rule Governing Loans

  • Membership card is not transferable.
  • Students are responsible for the books borrowed against their membership card.
  • Loss of membership card must be reported in writing immediately to the Chief Librarian and duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs.200/- only.
  • All books must be returned on or before the due date.
  • Books will be renewed only if there are no reservations.
  • Books have to be presented physically at the charging for renewal.
  • A fine of Rs.1/- per day will be levied on an overdue book.
  • After check in or checked out students are requested to check the system for correct transactions.

Loss of Books

  • Loss of any book borrowed must be reported immediately to the Chief Librarian.
  • All students must replace the books if it is lost with the latest edition along with overdue charges if any.

Procurement of Books

Suggestions for the procurement of books are received from the Students, Faculty and Heads of various Departments.

No Due Certificate

Students are required to surrender the membership card along with the books and when they need NO DUE CERTIFICATE from the library.

General Rules

  • Readers are required to deposit their bags/belongings at the Property counters before entering the library.
  • Students should produce their identity cards to the security/library Staff as and when asked for.
  • Complete silence must be observed within the Central library.
  • Underlining, scribbling and tearing of pages or any such act will be severely punished.
  • After use of books, users are requested not to replace the books on the shelves.
  • Personal books are not permitted to bring inside the stack section.
  • The use of mobile phones in the library premises is strictly prohibited

Sl. NoParticularsStack
1Number of VolumesAvailable: 24956 + 18591 = 43,547 (Print + E-Books)
2Number of Titles Available: 7124 + 18591 = 25,715 (Print + E-Books)
5Conference Proceedings530000 papers
6Online Databases9
7Technology Platform1. Plagiarism Tool
2. Remote Access Tool
8Print Journals60
9Multimedia (CD & DVD)982
10Question Bank2965 QPs
13Digital Library10PCs
14Seating capacity150
15Dimension of The Library400 Sq. Mtrs
16Library Management SoftwareLibsoft 9.5.0: Integrated Library Automation software implemented with Barcode Technology
17OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) ServiceFacilitated in college website : Remote access
18ID cardLibrary Card and College ID card are Same
19Reprographic facilityAvailable

Automated Services

The Library resources have been completely Bar Coded and automated using LIBSOFT 9.5.0 Integrated Library Package. Which helps in Transactions, OPAC (Online Public Access of Catalogues) and reservation of Books etc., for the users. Library is an effective source of information of all kinds to be shared by people of all kinds. A good library hosts everything under the sun in the form of words to enrich the knowledge of the users. Hence there must be a way to share information that is spread over, and that can be achieved only through the effective use of electronic media. Complete computerization of all the libraries and a dedicated, centralized server to host information available at different libraries will help in effective sharing of information. A library is completely computerized only if the user, irrespective of background or knowledge, is able to access information available in the library from anywhere just by typing few letters /words.

Libsoft is a package designed and developed for effective management of a library. This package has been designed to handle huge volumes at lightning speed thus saving manpower. Libsoft is Windows based software and it runs in any Windows environment and hence it has excellent Graphical User Interface.

Libsoft has the following features:

  • Libsoft is an absolute user – friendly software that requires minimum training.
  • Library is a simplified package, which requires minimum user interaction.
  • Library features interactive data handling for storing backup etc.
  • Library is an easy and effective maintenance system for books and members etc.
  • Library contains the best circulation system wherein the user needs very few interactions with the system. The system finds the status of books or members automatically and allows the circulation process accordingly.
  • Library contains enhanced but simplified search facility and can locate books and members quickly.
  • Library contains enhanced documentation facility for preparing detailed reports the way the user prefers.
  • Library generates financial report for any given period.
  • ID Card for members / users with Barcode.
  • Automatic Barcode generation for Access numbers of items (Books)
  • Library eliminates card system to ensure complete automation.
  • Library contains extensive online help facility to guide the user.
  • Libsoft photos.





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Dr. H N Thammana
Chief Librarian

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