The campus-wide Wi-Fi infrastructure at RIT facilitates continuous connectivity for students and faculty members to access the College portal and the Internet from any location and at any time. RIT boasts an enterprise-class IT infrastructure that supports the academic community and management, featuring cutting-edge computing and communication resources. These resources offer 24×7 access to various facilities, including the Campus ERP, Students and Faculty portal, internet browsing, web and desktop applications, virtual labs, e-library, NPTEL videos, e-mail services, project management, seminars, and interactive tele-lectures, among other applications.

The campus is equipped with a high-speed network that ensures seamless connectivity to the internet, providing ample bandwidth for students and faculty members. Strict monitoring and filtering measures are implemented on the RIT network to adhere to the Institute’s IT and data security policies. In total, there are 45 Wi-Fi access points strategically placed across the campus.