About Principal

Dr. Mahesh P K is a diligent techno savvy Professor with excellent academic and research track record having 22 years of experience in the area of Electronics and Communication. Dr. Mahesh carries his academic credentials with Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication, Master of Technology in VLSI Design and Embedded Systems and Ph.D in Electronics from University of Mysore, Mysore.

Dr. Mahesh has extended his service at various levels in teaching, initially as Lecturer, then Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor and Head and now as Principal. Dr. Mahesh has been into research for the last 14 years working in the field of Image processing, Signal Processing and VLSI. He also authored more than 45 research articles at both National and International levels. His research articles have been referred and cited by other contemporary researchers across globe more than 150 times. He has guided 5 PhD students and currently is guiding 2 students for their PhD. He also has received research fund more than two crores from DST and AICTE for the research activities. He also acted as Chief-NBA Coordinator and Chief-NAAC coordinator.

Dr. Mahesh has been identified as an expert at international level in his area of research for many journals. He has delivered special lectures on Image processing, Pattern recognition, and VLSI. Dr. Mahesh is known for his lecturing in his area of research interest. He is the Editor-in-Chief & Chairperson for many international and national conference/journals.



Principal's Message

Technical education is about providing specific fundamentals and practical knowledge of Technology and skills.

RIT is moving forward on a journey to provide such Technical education to our students through Newly equipped classrooms and labs with skilful staff. We want our students to aware and reflect on their learning, participation and engagement and to collaborate with the outside world.

RIT will thrive hard to create a centre for excellence in technical education by adopting a constant approach to continuous improvement. Also intended to provide support for innovative thinking, research and development and extracurricular & co-curricular activities.

- Dr. Mahesh P K