• This committee is formed for all students of the institution.
  • All students should report their grievances of any sort in the Grievance Drop box installed at Reception counter in RIT Admin Block.
  • All grievance box will be opened on Mondays.
  • All complaints shall be filed for record purpose.
  • The name and identity of the complainant shall be kept anonymous and not disclosed to anyone except committee members.
  • All received complaints shall be analysed, compiled and forwarded to concerned departments for necessary action.
  • The committee will meet on required basis.
Sl.NoName of the MemberDepartment


1Dr. Mahesh P KPrincipalChairman
2Mr. Sujay SAsst. Prof & HOD, CVMember Secretary
3Dr. Shrishail MathProf. & HOD, CSEMember
4Dr. Prakash H NProf. & HOD, CSE(AI & ML)Member
5Dr. Arvind B NProf. & HOD, ECEMember
6Dr. Arjun B CProf. & HOD, ISEMember
7Dr. Pradeep KGMAssoc. Prof & HOD, EEEMember
8Dr. Kuldeep BAssoc. Prof, MEMember
9Mrs. Bhavani B SAsst. Prof & HOD, MBAMember
10Dr. Chandana S NAssoc. Prof & HOD, PhysicsMember
11Mrs. Veena K PAsst. Prof, Dept. of ChemistryMember
12Mrs. Jyothi B GAsst. Prof, Dept. of MathematicsMember


1Police Sub Inspector,Police Station, K R Puram, HassanMember
2DoctorHospital,  Rajeev Institute of Ayurvedic Medical Science and Research .Member
3Boys hostel WardenRIT, HassanMember
4Girls hostel WardenRIT, HassanMember