Security Personnel

The institute's security division is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of everyone on campus, encompassing students, faculty, staff members, and others. Their primary duty is to safeguard both individuals and assets, contributing to an environment that prioritizes the well-being of the entire campus community.

Overall Security and Safety:

The primary responsibility of the security section is to provide security and safety to everyone on campus, including students, faculty, staff members, and assets.

Traffic Regulation

Security personnel are tasked with regulating and maintaining both vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the campus. This can involve managing parking, ensuring orderly movement of vehicles, and facilitating safe pedestrian pathways.

Preventing Trespassing and Squatting

The security team is responsible for ensuring that the campus remains free from trespassers and squatters. This involves monitoring access points and taking appropriate action against any unauthorized individuals.

Handling Inappropriate Behavior

In case of inappropriate behavior or actions by individuals on campus, security personnel are authorized to intervene and address the situation. This includes dealing with defaulters in a manner consistent with the rules and regulations of the institute.

Control of Entry/Exit Points

The security section has the authority and responsibility for managing the entry and exit points of various departments, sections, and offices. This helps in maintaining control over access to sensitive areas and ensuring the security of those spaces.

CCTV cameras

Rajeev Institute of Technology campus employs a Video Surveillance or CCTV system designed to monitor specific areas. These cameras are linked to recording devices or an IP network and are centrally monitored in a dedicated server room. Positioned strategically throughout the campus, more than 100 CCTV cameras for tracking and ensuring situational awareness across the campus environment.

Fire Extinguisher

At Rajeev Institute of Technology, fire safety is emphasized through the provision of fire extinguishers. These active fire protection devices are designed to extinguish or manage small fires, particularly in emergency scenarios. Generally, a fire extinguisher comprises a handheld cylindrical pressure vessel containing an extinguishing agent that can be discharged to suppress a fire.

First Aid Facility

Rajeev Institute of Technology houses the Rajeev Ayurvedic Hospital within its campus, where we offer initial medical care. This includes providing assistance to individuals facing serious illnesses or injuries, with the goal of preserving life, preventing the situation from worsening, and promoting recovery.