Campus Life

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NSS Committee Members

Sl. No.NameDesignationContact No.E-mail Id
1.Dr. A N Ramakrishna,
2.Dr. Thammanna H N, Chief
3.Mr. Manjunath K.H. AP,
4.Dr. Pramod H.B.AP,
5.Mr. Vishwanath B.R, AP,
6.Mr. Bharath M.B, AP,
7.Mr. Dharanesh O.H, AP,
8.Mr. Santhoshkumar B.B, AP,
9.Mr. Indrakumar K S[4RA19CS033]Student
10.Mr. Ekanth Gowda A S[4RA19ME007]Student


Terms : One to two years

Meetings : The committee shall meet at least once in a semester



To motivate the students for participation in various activities within and outside the college.

Organizing blood donation, Eye checkup camp, helmet awareness week, conducting swachh bharath abhiyaan, yoda and fitness camp.

Involving students in creating awareness to farmers about technology, various app and schemes, organic farming.

Creating awareness to local vendors about digital payment and fraudsters in UPI.

Creating awareness to people in dandling dry and wet waste, planting trees in neighborhood parks, near lakes,etc