Campus Life

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Student Welfare Committee Members

Sl. No.NameDesignationContact No.E-mail Id
1.Dr. A N Ramakrishna,
2.Dr. Radhakrishna HOD,
3.Mrs. Supriya C L, AP, civilMember7259495896
4.Mr. Ravi L S, AP, ECEMember9738271329
5.Mr. Arjun Joshi, AP,
6.Mr. Muruli A S, AP,
7.Mr. Naveen Kumar P J(office)
8.Mr. Guruprasad[4RA20ME007]Student
9.Mr. Bharath R[4RA19EC007]Student


Terms : One to two years

Meetings : The committee shall meet at least once in a semester



To claim reimbursement from Government Agencies for specified students.

To prepare statistics and data for specified students.

To look for the distribution of funds

To avail Library books