Governing Council

Sl. No. Name of the Member Position in GC Profession
1 Dr. Rachana Rajeev Chairman President, RET
2 Dr. Ranjith Rajeev Member Vice- President, RET
3 Dr. B. N. Rathna Member Secretary, RET
4 Prof. K. Jayaraman Member Industrialist
5 Dr. Arjun B. C. Member Institution representative
6 Dr. Mahesh P. K. Member secretary Principal of the Institute

Constitution of Governing Body

Number Category Nature
5 Members Management Trust or management as per the constitution or byelaws, with the President as the chairperson
2 Members Teachers of the Institute Nominated by the Principal based on seniority by rotation
1 Member Educationist or industrialist Nominated by the management
1 Member AICTE Nominee Nominated by the AICTE
1 Member State Government nominee (DTE Nominee) Academician not below the rank of professor or State Government official of Directorate of Higher Education/State Council of Higher Education
1 Member University Nominee Nominated by the VTU
1 Member Principal Member Secretary
Term: The Governing Body shall be reconstituted every three years.
Meetings: Meetings of the Governing Body shall be held at least twice a year. 

Powers and function of the Governing Body

  1. The Governing Body of the institute shall be responsible for the proper management of the institute affairs and may exercise all such powers and discharge all such functions as may be necessary for the purpose.
  2. In particular, and without limiting the generality of the aforementioned provision, the governing body of the institute shall exercise the following powers and perform the following duties in order to provide the instructional and other services required for the efficient and effective functioning, namely–
    1. To create all teaching posts including the post of Principal with the approval with the provision of the AICTE norms.
    2. To create non‐teaching posts, make appointments thereto on the recommendation of the appropriate selection committees.
    3. To ensure that the number, qualifications, and method of recruitment of Teachers and other non-teaching employees, as well as the conditions of their service, are in accordance with the Institute’s Statutes, Regulations, and Rules, as well as the relevant provisions made by other competent authorities such as AICTE, DTE, and VTU.
    4. To ensure the efficient delivery of the educational programs and the upkeep of a suitable learning environment and discipline.
    5. To review the results of VTU semester examinations and to suggest measures for academic improvements.
    6. To mobilize adequate financial resources for effective operation of the Institute.
    7. To ensure that all information, reports and other materials as required by the VTU, AICTE, DTE or the State Government are made available promptly.
    8. To make sure that the directions issued by the VTU from time to time are carried and the compliance with them reported immediately to VTU.
    9. To approve the annual budget on the recommendation of the President, RET.
    10. To sanction expenditure as may be required and regulate the finances, accounts, investments and all other administrative affairs of the Institute.
    11. To entertain and redress in proper cases of grievances of Teaching, Non-teaching, students and other employees of the Institute.
    12. To frame rules/committees/policies for proper functioning of the Institute.
    13. To enter into collaborative arrangement with other Institutions, and Industries/companies to provide additional training/programmes/certification courses, etc to the students. The Principal of the Institute as Member Secretary of the Governing Body will sign the agreement or Memorandum of understanding with such authorities.

Meeting of the Governing Body

  1. Meetings of the Governing Body of the institute shall be held ordinarily in the institute premises and shall be held at least twice a year. Ordinarily the Member Secretary shall convene all meetings.
  2. Clear seven days’ notice for an ordinary meeting of the Governing Body shall be required. The notice shall be accompanied by the agenda of the meeting and the minutes of the proceedings of the previous meetings. One day notice shall be required for an emergency meeting of the Governing Body and the agenda of such meeting shall not contain more than one item. Such meetings can be conducted online/offline/blended mode.    
  3. Notice of a requisitioned meeting shall be issued by the Member Secretary within three days of the receipt of a requisition signed by at least fifty per cent of the members of the Governing Body. Seven days’ notice shall be required for such a meeting. If, however, such a meeting is not convened by the Member Secretary within 10 days of direction of the President or receiving requisition, the President may call a meeting.   
  4. For all meetings of the Governing Body of the institute, the quorum shall be at least 50 percent of the total number of members of the Governing Body. 
  5. The President shall ordinarily preside over all the meetings of the Governing Body. 

Functions of the Member Secretary of the Governing Body

The Member Secretary of the Governing Body of the institute shall –   
  1. Maintain the records, conduct the official correspondence and keep the minutes of proceedings of the meetings of the Governing Body. 
  2. Send regular copies of such minutes to the University for information. When requested to do so, send originals or certified copies of any documents, correspondence, or minutes that the university or other accreditation bodies may need to review.
  3. Prepare the budget on the basis of the recommendations of departmental budget, and other heads before the commencement of a financial year and place it before the Governing Body for approval.
  4. Incur all necessary expenditure within the budgetary provision and with the sanction of the Governing Body. 
  5. Keep up‐to‐date all books, registers, records and accounts required to be maintained under these Statutes. 
  6. Give proper assistance and facilities to the inspecting team or other persons appointed by the University and other accreditation bodies for inspection and report.   
  7. In the case of any doubt or difficulty as to the interpretation of these Statutes, the matter shall be referred to the President and the decisions can be taken as per President instructions.