Committe Members

Sl. No.NameDesignationContact No.E-mail Id
1.Dr. A N Ramakrishna,
2.Dr. D A Dhananjaya, Vice Principal, HOD,
3.Dr. H N Prakash, HOD,
4.Mrs. Chandana S N, HOD,
5.Dr. Radhakrishna K R, HOD,
6.Mr. Ravi L S, AP,
7.Mr. K T Rajeev, AP,
8.Mr. Umesh B D,
9.Dr. Thammanna H N, Chief
10.Mrs. Ambika K, AP,
11.Mrs. Shruthi K R, AP,
12.Police Sub Inspector, Badavane Police Station, HassanMember
13.Mr. Nithesh H A[4RA18IS013]Student
14.Mr. Yashwanth S G[4RA19ME446]Student



Terms : One to two years

Meetings : The committee shall meet at least once in a semester



To build self esteem & dignity among girl students and women faculty members.

To create and ensure a safe environment that is free of sexual harassment.

To create an atmosphere promoting equality and gender justice.

To see that the mechanism for registering complaints should be safe, accessible and sensitive

To take cognizance of complaints about sexual harassment, conduct enquiries, provide assistance and redressal to the victims, recommend penalties and take action against the harasser, if necessary.

To recommend to the concerned authorities, follow-up action and monitor the same.

To advise the disciplinary authority concerned to issue warnings or take the help of the law to stop the harasser, if the complaint consents.

To seek medical, plaice the legal intervention with the consent of the complainant and the principal.

To make arrangements for appropriate psychological, emotional and physical support (in the form of counseling, security and other assistance) to the victim if she desires to.