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Cultural Head

Cultural Committee Members

Sl. No.NameDesignationContact No.E-mail Id
1.Dr. A N Ramakrishna,
2.Mrs. Veena K P, HOD,
3.Mrs. Bhavani B S. HOD,
4.Mrs. Ambika K, AP,
5.Mr. Dharanesh O H, AP,,
6.Mrs. Supriya C L, AP,
7.Mr. Ravi L S, AP,
8.Mr. Nagendra Prasad H K, AP,
9.Mr. Sharath M N, AP,
10.Mrs. Nalini H C, AP,
11.Mrs. Sahana C P, AP,
12.Mr. Somashekar M, AP,
13.Mr. Rakshith[4RA18CV078]Student
14.Ms. M R Shamitha[4RA19CS042]Student



Terms : One to two years

Meetings : The committee shall meet at least once in a semester



To prepare the calendar for extra-curricular activities – Cultural, Painting, Short Films, Music and Dance, Acting, skits etc.,

To plan for organizing extra-curricular activities in the campus under various clubs

To make arrangements for the students to participate in off-campus activities of international, national, state and local level competitions.

To prepare a list of students and take prior approval from the Principal before nominating them to participate in various extra-curricular activities organized by the neighbouring institutions.

To send a request to the Principal to award attendance for the participants in various activities.