RIT boasts in-house cafeteria SANTRUPTI and RRS Cafeteria which are dedicated to satisfy the appetites of our students and staff. The cleanliness and hygienic preparation of the food create an immediate sense of comfort, and the pricing is thoughtfully tailored to accommodate the financial considerations of the students.


Accessible to students, staff, community members, and other visitors, the college canteens operate during all working days, providing hot breakfast, lunch, and snacks. With a diverse menu encompassing Indian and Chinese cuisines, the cafeteria caters to the varied preferences of students, visitors, and members from different backgrounds. The canteen is meticulously maintained to uphold high standards of hygiene, ensuring the health and safety of all its patrons.

RRS Cafeteria

The fully equipped canteens specialized in serving delectable vegetarian fare and welcomes visitors from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. This extended operating time allows flexibility for individuals with diverse schedules to enjoy the offerings of the canteens. The combination of affordability, hygiene, and a diverse menu makes the RIT canteens a welcoming and inclusive space for the entire campus community.