Best Teacher Awards

Rajeev Institute of Technology organized, Teacher’s day and Engineer’s day on 4th October 2023, at Main Seminar Hall as a mark of tribute to the contribution made by Teachers and Engineers to the society.  


The programme began with invocation song, and after welcoming the dignitaries, the event proceeded with the lighting of the lamp.


Mrs. Supriya C L, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department introduced the Chief Guest of the event, Sri. Gowde Gowda, Professor, Physics Department, Master’s PU College, Hassan to the audience.


Later in the event, Sri. Gowde Gowda, was Honoured with Dr.V Rajeev Memorial Award (for outstanding contribution in the field of Education), for his esteemed service to the society in the field of teaching by Dr. B N Rathna, Secretary, RET.


Speaking on the occasion Dr. B N Rathna, congratulated Sri.Gowde Gowda and later announced that starting from this year, the Dr. V Rajeev Memorial Award will be presented annually to individuals who have demonstrated excellence in the fields of Teaching and Engineering, recognizing outstanding achievers whose contributions have significantly impacted their respective fields.

The Secretary and The Principal honouring Sri. Gowde Gowda Sir with Dr.V Rajeev Memorial Award


In his address to the audience after receiving the award, the Chief Guest of the event, Sri.Gowde Gowda Sir, motivated the faculty members, particularly the young faculty members the importance of making the learning experience more student-centric which involves teaching methods, content, and approaches to better resonate with the students’ needs and interests, and to consider the perspective of the students.


Next in the event was the felicitation of the following Research Scholars who completed their doctoral degrees in the year 2022–2023; Dr. Chandana S, Dr. Sahana C P,  Dr. Ganesh D P, Dr. Sharath M N and Dr. Prashanth S J was another significant aspect of the event. The awardees shared their their thoughts and opinions on the event.

Research Scholars with their Awards


Dr. Mahesh P K, Principal, RIT, expressed gratitude to the college management, acknowledging their support and collaboration in organizing and facilitating the awards ceremony, the Principal congratulated Sri. Gowde Gowda and all awardees by acknowledging their achievements, and later shared insights into the process of selecting various awards, such as the Best Teacher, Best Technical Staff, Best Attender, and Best Housekeeping Award. This likely included details about the criteria, evaluation methods, and the importance of each role in contributing to the overall functioning of the institution.


After the briefing by the Principal about the selection process, Dr. B N Rathna, Secretary, RET, announced the Best Teacher Awardees; Dr. Kuldeep B, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Anil Kumar K N, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Science & Engineering and Mrs. Supriya C L, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering.


The awardees were felicitated and later the awardees shared their opinions. 


Next, it was time for the announcement of Non-Teaching Awards for Best Technical Staff, Best Non-Technical Staff and Best Employee in Housekeeping which were received by Mr. Mohan (ECE Department), Mr. Deepak Y ( Civil Engineering Department) and Mr. Umesh respectively, later the awardees shared their opinions.


Later in his address to the audience, Dr. Ranjith Rajeev, Vice-President, RET, insisted the importance of celebrating Teachers’ Day as it serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for educators. The acknowledgment of their hard work and dedication boosts morale, encouraging teachers to continue their efforts in providing quality education. He also spoke about the importance of celebrating engineer’s day as it emphasizes the importance of innovation and creativity in engineering. The Vice-President congratulated all awardees and he also congratulated The Principal and Faculty members of RIT for successful conduction of the event.


The event concluded with a Vote of thanks by Mr.Anirudha, Assistant Professor, Department of Basic Science, by expressing gratitude to the Chief Guest, the Management, the Principal and all attendees. Later on Lunch was arranged for all attendees of the day’s event.