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MTech in Computer Science and Engineering

About the Department

A Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering is a postgraduate program that focuses on advanced concepts and applications in the field of computer science and engineering. It is designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of theoretical principles, practical skills, and research methodologies within the realm of computer science.

The M.Tech program often includes a research project or thesis, where students work on an original research problem under the guidance of faculty members. This allows them to apply the knowledge gained during the program to real-world challenges and contribute to the advancement of the field.

Upon completion of the M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, graduates are well-equipped to pursue careers in research, academia, industry, and technology development. They may also choose to further their studies through doctoral programs if they wish to delve deeper into specialized areas of computer science.

Vision of the Department

To become an exemplary centre for engineering education and research in the frontier areas of Computer Science and Engineering.

Mission of the Department

  • Render quality education through best teaching learning process and modern educational tools to enable students for good careers.
  • Impart essential skills to make students industry ready and future professional with social concern
  • Provide facilities and expertise in recent computer technology to promote research and innovations.




Leading To….Duration


CSEM.Tech2 years18

Class In-Charge Details


Semester and SectionFaculty Name

Faculty Email-ID

22nd semMr.Sanjay
33rd semMr. Ganapati