Prof. S Muthukannan


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  • Ph.D. in Microgrid System (Thesis submitted)
  • M.E in Power Electronics and Drives
  • B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Professional Experience

Teaching – 8.5 Years

Industry – 2.8 Years

Publication Details

  • Muthukannan and D. Karthikaikannan, “Multi-objective planning strategy for the placement of electric vehicle charging stations using hybrid optimization algorithm,” IEEE Access, vol. 10, pp. 48088–48101, 2022. [IF 3.9, SCI-E]
  • Muthukannan and D. Karthikaikannan, “Framework modelling of Electric vehicle charging station planning in Transportation network synchronized with the Distribution network Using Bi-level Hybrid optimization algorithm”, IEEE Access, vol. 12, pp. 75689-75700, 2024. [IF– 3.9, SCI-E]
  • Muthukannan and D. Karthikaikannan, “Short-Term Prognostication of Solar Energy using Hybrid VAR-CNN-LSTMTechniques”, IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence [Under Revision] [IF– 5.3, SCI-E]
  • Muthukannan, K Srinivasan “Performance analysis of a Quasi Impedance source reduced switch Inverter fed IM Drive”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER) Vol. 10 No. 42 (2015). [IF– 0.51,SCOPUS].
  • Muthukannan “Automatic Power Backup for Mobile Phones using Free Energy”, International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology (IJMTST) Vol.03 Issue.05 (2017)”. [IF: 3.230


Roles and Responsibilities

  • NAAC coordinator

Professional body membership:

  • IEEE member – 92943498
  • International Association of Engineers (IAENG) – Membership Number: LM 171026
  • The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (SDIWC) – ID: 27658
  • International Association of Academicians and Researchers (INAAR)
  • Indian Academicians and Researchers Association (IARA)
  • Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE).

FDP/Conferences/Workshops attended/Conducted


  1. Presented a paper, “Improvised Harmonic Search Optimization Technique Based Dynamic Economic Load Dispatch Problem with Valve Point and Ramp Rate Constraints” on International conference held at TRP Engineering College, Trichy.
  2. Presented a paper entitled “Input & current Harmonic Analysis of three phase converter using space vector modulation” on International Conference held at Travancore Engineering College, Kollam, Kerala.
  3. Presented a paper, “Performance analysis of a Quasi Impedance source reduced switch Inverter fed IM Drive”, at the National Conference at Tagore Engineering College, Chennai.
  4. Presented a paper “Automatic Power Backup for Mobile Phones using Free Energy”, at on International Conference held at TRP Engineering College, Trichy

Skill Development Program (FDP/STTP/Workshops)

  1. Current Issues on Power Quality and Microgrid- St. Joseph Institute of Technology, Voltech Engineers pvt ltd.- 1 day
  2. Design of Electrical Machines- Anna University Dindigul- 5 days
  3. Role of Power electronic converter in distributed generation and microgrid, TRP Engineering College, Trichy-1 day
  4. Webinar Workshop on Circuit Simulation and PCB Design- DELSOFT TECHNOLOGIES- 1 day
  5. Design of smart Inverters for photo voltaic and Energy Storage- TRP Engineering College, Trichy- 1 day
  6. Scope of Electrical Components in the Automobile Industry- Eswari Engineering College (SRM), Chennai- 1 day
  7. Challenges in restructured power system- KL University, Guntur, AP- 1 day
  8. Design of Power switched converters for renewable energy applications- KL University, Guntur, AP3 days
  9. Scientific writing for Journals- Springer Nature- 1 day
  10. Variable Frequency Drives– Cutting edge technology- Eswari Engineering College (SRM), Chennai- 1 day
  11. Integrating DER with the Grid:Technology, Interconnection, and Supporting Practices- University of Minnesota- 1 day
  12. Advanced software tools for power system- SSN college of Engineering, Kalavakkam- 3 days
  13. Role of smart grid in facilitating the integration of renewables- IEEE- 1 day
  14. Energy Manager & Auditor Exams- Aspects and Prospects- Eswari Engineering College (SRM), Chennai- 1 day
  15. Successful research paper: Concept to submission- Knimbus- 1 day
  16. Online Short-Term Course on Smart Electric Grids: Operations, Protection & Control- NIT Megalaya- 5 days
  17. Electrical Power Utility Management– 2020- KLN College of Engineering- 2 days
  18. Research Methodology Workshop- SASTRA Deemed University- 5 days

Online Courses:

  1. NPTEL

    1. Introduction to smart grid (54%)- 8 weeks
    2. DCMicrogrids (81%)- 8 weeks
  1. Udemy

    1. Particle swarm optimization in MATLAB- 1.5 hrs
    2. Optimization and state estimation fundamentals- 4.5 hrs
    3. Fuzzy logic: Quick start guide- 3 hrs
    4. ETAPforelectrical engineers- 8 hrs


  • Coding – C, Embedded C, MATLAB, Python, LATEX, …
  • Design & Simulation tools – MATLABSimulink, Fuzzy tool, PSPICE, Power world simulator
  • Presentation tools – MSVisio, MS power point, LaTex, Origin
  • Misc. –Academic research, teaching, training, consultation, LATEX typesetting and publishing

Research Area of Interest:

  1. Research Highlights

  • A static and dynamic framework model for the Electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) infrastructure considering the dynamics of road transport network and electric distribution network.
  • Study of the negative impacts of the EVCS on the electric distribution grid.
  • Short-term prognostication of solar power generation using hybrid VAR CNN-LSTM techniques.
  1. Research Interest

  • Focuses on Optimization, Electrified Transportation
  • Machine learning in Power systems
  • Reinforcement learning in EV charging management